Professor of Meritorious
Director, CDPM
University of Peshawar
Tel: 019-585 3536

Prof. Dr. Jehan a Meritorious Professor is presently working as the first Women Professor & Director of Center of Disaster Preparedness and Management, University of Peshawar. She is an eminent educationist and administrator, and contributes her dedicated services for promotion of Higher Education, Applied Sciences, Space Sciences, Industrial Sector, Human Dignity and Women Rights.

She has completed her one year Post Doctoral Studies from Department of Geo-Sciences, University of Houston Texas, USA with research title “GIS/RS Based Hazard and Risk Modeling of Talc in Pakistan” and  Ph.D. in Environmental Geology from NCE in Geology, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. She has completed her MS in Space Sciences & Exploration Geology, from International Institute of Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences, (ITC) Enscheda, The Netherland and M.Phil from NCE in Geology, Uni. of Peshawar.

She started her career as the first women Geologist/Mineralogist in Kakul Phosphate Mines, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar (1985-1994). She joined UET, Peshawar as the first Women faculty member as Lecturer in Mining Engineering Department (1995–1998). In 1998 she was appointed as the first Senior Women Geologist, in the Mineral & Environmental Testing Laboratory, Mineral & Mines Directorate, and Govt. of KPK. During her stay at MTL she established Mineral and Environmental Sector of KPK on Scientific and Advanced Research grounds for the first time in MLT history.

She joined University of Peshawar as Assistant Professor in charge of GIS and RS lab. at the Department of Environmental Sciences in 2000. She introduced a new arena of advanced & Emerging Technology & Earth and Environmental Sciences ( GIS/RS, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Geology, Natural Resource Management). She established the first laboratory of GIS/RS at University of Peshawar. She started with Assistant Professor and finally elevated to the position of Professor and the first Women Chairperson of the Department of Environmental Sciences University of Peshawar in 2010.

In July 2012 the Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa appointed her as the first Woman Vice Chancellor of Islamia College University Peshawar. During her stay in ICU she strengthens the long awaiting week Statutory, Academic and Administrative structure specifically in terms of faculty and Statutory bodies of the University.

In 2013 Upon recommendations of Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and in view of her meritorious services, the Governor, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Chancellor University of Swabi appointed her as a Founding Vice Chancellor for ( 04 years) tenured  Vice Chancellor, of University of Swabi in Jan 2013.

She started the University of Swabi from scratch and elevated it to state of the ART academically and administratively and financial sound institution in 4 years. During her tenure she managed to constitute the statutory bodies (Syndicate, Senate, Academic Council and F&PC) and recognize the University from HEC.  She strengthens the existing academic disciplines and also introduced 13 new disciplines of Applied Sciences. In addition to that she managed a huge amount of Developmental Funds to to start to acquire land for new campus and completed the infrastructure including Boundary wall 4 Academic Blocks, Convocation hall and started other Blocks.
Thus, she is the 1st women Vice Chancellor of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who has performed as a team leader of 2 public sectors University with co-education background.

She has at her credit the establishment of 2 universities, 2 Teaching Departments and a number of Advanced Scientific labs (UOP, GIS/RS, UET, XRF, Petrography, Minerals and Mine Directorate, Govt. of KPK Mineral testing laboratory (MTL) and she worked to established the overall Mineral Sector of KPK.

Dr Jehan designed curricula for various programmes at Master, B.S, M. Phil and PhD levels & supervised 29 M.Sc., 3M.Phil and 5 PhD research projects. She introduced a new arena of advanced Academic Programmes and Technology i.e. Environmental Geology, Occupational Health & Safety & GIS/SRS in the field of Earth, Environmental, and Disaster Management & Health Sciences in Academia.

She presented 40 research articles at National & International Platforms. She has at her credit 50 research publications in National & International Peer Reviewed Journals and also contributed to 04 International Monographs and 03 Book Chapters. In addition to that she has supervised various national & international research projects (MOBALIZE, UK, GIS/RS Modeling of Risk associated with talc & Talcum Powder, US and Health risks with Coal Mines,) with DOST, Pakistan. She has published quality research carrying Total Impact factor: 49 &   Citation Index: 410

Financial Projects Grabbed:  She planned/ defended and won Developmental Projects  amounting of Rs.3.4 Billion for University of Swabi, Islamia College University Peshawar and also research projects.

Honours &Awards:  She was honored with 6 National and International Awards including the Women of Distinction by CANADA. She has the membership of 13 National and International Scientific Organizations.

Gallantry Distinction: Prof. Dr. Jehan remains outstanding for her dedicated services for promotion of Higher Education and for being bold and courageous to perform as an educationist and a team leader in adventures of Earth, Space, and Disaster Management & Health Sciences at National level where due to threats and fears other female folk even cannot think of it.

She is still contributing with full devotion, untiringly and without any fear in her mind and heart. Everything in this universe is for others. The trees do not eat up their own fruit, the rivers do not drink their own water; and in the same way ‘selfless person’ like Prof. Dr. Noor Jehan lives for others.