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A SHARED Future (ASF) Bi-Monthly Update: Issue 2020-06 (Oct-Nov 2020)

SDPI Poisons in our Environment August 2020 Report

VI Uruguayan Congress of Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

A Pacific Basin Consortium Symposium was held virtually at the VI Uruguayan Congress of Clinical and Environmental Toxicology and I International Convention of Environment and Children Health, on November 19th. 

Prof Peter Sly showed recent evidence about the interactions between environmental exposures and COVID 19 in children health, and Dr. Stephania Cormier has addressed the pediatric approach of indoor pollution. Dr. Antonio Pascale was the chair of the Symposium. 

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Date Claimer: Toxicologia 2020 Uruguay

VI Uruguayan  Congress of Clinical and Environmental Toxicology, and the I International Convention of Environment and Children’s Health.

Conference Website

Preliminary Program (PDF)

Book Launch ‘Poisons in our Environment’

“POISONS IN OUR ENVIRONMENT” by Dr. Mahmood A. Khwaja, SDPI, Islamabad. Pakistan August 12, 2020

Book Introduction: 
The book, “Poisons in Our Environment” is a “Research-based” publication having the data (including contaminants in different environment segments), of 38 sites in the country’s three provinces, collected by the SDPI team, not only under the Author’s supervision & guidance but also in his presence at each of the visited sites.

Daily Times, Islamabad, August 13, 2020

Book Launch: Speakers term hazardous industrial waste a critical issue to be addressed urgently


The Express Tribune, Islamabad, August 13, 2020

Industrial waste requires urgent attention

By: Our Correspondent


UPDATE: 2019 Conference papers published

Volume 35 (2020): Issue 3 (Sep 2020): Special Issue: Assessing and mitigating environmental exposures in early life

Vale Kirk R Smith

Kirk R. Smith, a pioneering researcher in the deadly risks of indoor air pollution in the developing world and an early voice raising concern about the health consequences of climate change, died June 15 at the age of 73 at his Berkeley home, following a stroke and subsequent cardiac arrest.

Berkeley Public Health article.

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