Department of Toxicology.
Hospital de Clínicas. Avda Italia s/n.
Montevideo  URUGUAY.
School of Medicine
University of the Republic
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Dr. Antonio Pascale is member of the Board of Directors since 2013.  Dr. Pascale is a Medical Toxicologist, Associate Professor of Clinical Toxicology, School of Medicine, University of the Republic, in Montevideo, Uruguay. His academic activities take place at the Department of Toxicology, WHO Collaborating Centre on Human Environmental Health. He is also the Director of the Toxicology Service of the National Direction on Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior. As a physician he assesses and treats patients with acute poisonings and chronic intoxications related to environmental exposures, as well as he is a member and consultant physician of the Poison Control Centre in Montevideo. Dr. Pascale contributed to the WHO Training Module for Health Care Professionals on E-waste and Children Health and its recent updated version. He is a member of the E-waste Network and he has participated at several meetings and symposiums including e-waste exposure and health effects. His activities also include the assessment of pesticides exposure in children and workers, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of pesticides related diseases. His work is recently focused on the consequences of the environmental and non intentional exposure of cocaine and cannabis in children.

Research Interests

  • E-waste and human exposure: improving methods of assessing exposure and effects on vulnerable populations: workers, pregnant women and particularly children. Improving methods of monitoring and reducing exposure, as well as methods of assessing and treating e-waste related diseases.
  • Perinatal exposure to pesticides in agricultural settings: improving methods of preventing prenatal exposure and non intentional pesticides poisonings in children living in rural areas.
  • Indoor pollution: improving methods of preventing exposure of indoor pollutants, as carbon monoxide.
  • Drugs of abuse in the children environment: risk of exposure and health effects due to acute poisoning.


  • Doctor of Medicine, School of Medicine, University of the Republic,
  • Clinical Toxicologist, Department of Toxicology, School of Medicine, University of the Republic. Montevideo, Uruguay.