UNEP Conference of the Parties

September 28, 2017

Addressing the first UNEP conference of the Parties (COP 1), in Geneva, Dr. Mahmood A.Khwaja senior adviser, Chemicals and Sustainable Industrial development, emphasized expedited support to developing countries, through capacity building, technical assistance & technology transfer, for sound chemicals management/safe guarding public health.

Over 1500 delegates from 152 countries (including 2 Presidents and several Minister/Vice Ministers of Environment) participated in COP 1

Policy Briefs for Sustainable Development in Pakistan

includes 15 policy briefs on mercury/chemical and Sustainable Industry Development, as well as climate change, economy, trade and governance

Available for download from the Sustainable Policy Development Institute  http://www.sdpi.org/publications/publication_details-845-60.html 

A SHARED Future Report

T’Sou-ke Nation March 20-22, 2017

The inaugural team meeting for ‘A SHARED Future’ (Achieving Strength, Health, and Autonomy through Renewable Energy Development for the Future) took place across three days, hosted by T’Sou-ke Nation. It was the first meeting for this new program of research funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Read the report

Asthma Primer featuring at Nature.com

Asthma: authored by ST Holgate, S Wenzel, DS Postma, ST Weiss, H Renz and PD Sly in 2015, Asthma Primer is featuring at Nature.com for the next month


Dr MA Khwaja’s book ‘Pakistan Environmental Challenges and Measures for Pollution Control’
Annals of Global Health

Reviews on Environmental Health special edition

Reviews on Environmental Health Volume 31, Issue 1

This edition contains output from the 2015 Conference

ABC Catalyst

Our Chemical Lives

Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates the safety of chemicals found in everyday products and compares the level of chemicals in her own body with clean living convert and media personality Sarah Wilson.

VIDEO  Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain

The primary purpose of this seven minute video, presented by Dr Bruce Lanphear, is to help people understand the population impact of exposures to environmental toxins. After studying the impact of toxins on children for many years researchers have reached the conclusion that “little things matter”. The presentation is very graphical and easy to follow and ends with a list of suggestions to help avoid exposure to toxins